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Josep Maria Bech (Universitat de Girona, ES)

The Common Frame of Reference and travel contracts

Piotr Cybula (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach, PL)

Problems in the implementation of the PTD into Polish law in the context of the discussion on the revision of the PTD

Ernst Führich (Hochschule Kempten, DE)

Progress and trends of the term “Organiser” within the PTD and under the jurisdiction of ECJ and German Supreme Court

David Grant (Travel Law Quarterly, UK)

Case law in the UK and the erosion of the protection provided by the PTD

Jens Karsten (Avocat à Bruxelles, BE)

European passenger law v international uniform law - User rights v international governance

Stephan Keiler (Universität Salzburg, euvr, AT)

Travel Law in the EU

Matthias Koch (Hotelstars Union, WKÖ, BE/AT)
Hotelcategorisation in Europe

Francesco Morandi (Avv a Modena, Università degli studi di Sassari, RIDT, IT)

Towards a regulation for separate tourist services

Ronald Schmid (RA Frankfurt; Universität Dresden, RRa, DE)

The terra incognita within aviation law – controversial subjects of the Air Passenger’s Rights regulation

Christian Schuster (Arbeiterkammer Tirol, AT)

Air passengers‘ rights and consumer counseling

Klaus Tonner (Universität Rostock, RRa, DE)

Towards a European Directive on Tourism Services

Pim de Vos (De Vos & Partners Advocaten, NL)

Too much ash, too little cash!

Michael Wukoschitz (RA Wien, IFTTA, AT)

International jurisdiction with regard to package travel contracts: clarifications and unresolved issues

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